Known for radical independent marketing, KRUE has become a consistent in the constant wave of sound being spilled in the streets of Los Angeles as well as numerous cities on the west side of the united states. Starting as a lyricist with a dream of becoming a rapper KRUE has since fulfilled that dream and become a respected songwriter, videographer, and marketing visionary in the entertainment industry.

KRUE grew up between San Fernando Valley, CA and Ventura County, CA. At an early age KRUE developed a dream of performing in front of thousands after ending up on stage with Gorge Clinton in front of 20,000 people at the age of 14. By the age of 17 he had independently created his own mixtape in which not only did he produce and engineer, he went on to sell over 10,000 copies door to door and throughout his high school and surrounding high schools. By the age of 18 he was selling out venues in different areas of Los Angeles and Seattle. Ironically at the age of 21 KRUE was invited to contribute a private performance at Gorge Clintons private birthday party.

Working with names ranging from T-mills to Iyaz, Glasses Malone to Ca$his, performing in front of sold out crowds in Hollywood, all the way to co-headlining the largest crowd turnout in Seattle Hempfest history (100K people) KRUE has consistently remained present by independently distributing over 25,000 records despite no major label contracts.


Independently toured through 34 stops traveling 9 states on the west side of the United States distributing 5,000 records over 38 days.

Independently Distributed 10,000 records up and down the west coast 2008-2010

Gained national attention threw his song “Police Brutality”

Gained NorthWest attention threw his song “Who Dat” based on the Seattle Seahawks

Had the second Lead single on the world 2008 album “Mellow Man Ace Presents”

Won the “www.206up.com Track Meet“ song contest by gaining 64% of the votes

Joined the “Tech N9ne Independent Grind Tour” through the northwest region

Competed in the 2011 “Redbull Emcee” freestyle battle

Organized and performed the largest show ever hosted at the infamous “Bob Marley House” in Isla Vista, CA

Featured on http://www.dashadyspot.com in between Eminem and ludacris


2007 –“Miles from Home” The Mixtape

2008 –“LA to Seattle” The Mixtape

2008 – “Another Statement” The Mixtape

2008 – “On A Mission” The Mixtape

2008 –Featured on world-wide album “Mellow Man Ace Presents”

2009 –“Movement” The Mixtape

2009 –“Karma At It’s Finest” The Mixtape

2010 –“15 Days The Mixtape” (A 15 track mixtape written and recorded in 15days)

2010-2011 –“Next In Line” The Mixtape

2012-Current – Currently Recording A New Project