KRUE “Grey” Produced by Qreepz

It’s been a while since KRUE has released any new music. In a day and age where hip hop music is all about fantasy and facade very few artists speak on reality. It’s something that the industry is really missing.

Rap music use to be something that stood for a message. A cause delivered by an artist with clout. Hip hop use to be something that was emotionally relatable, a piece of art that the listener could connect to. Something changed.

All though time passes in between releases, emotional connection has been the foundation of who KRUE is as an artist. Since the beginning pain or anger has been the vehicle.

This release is different. Companied by visuals of the responsibilities of being a father KRUE speaks on happiness, greater understanding, and sacrifice. Eventually, we all reach a point in our lives where we understand the message delivered in “grey”.




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