ERPO and what it means

My story is one that was heard after the damage was done. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a rare scenario. In fact it’s actually a common practice in courts across the United States. The problem is I didn’t actually commit a crime.

According to the ruling the preponderance of evidence was the justifiable reason for judge Susan Amini to hide behind civil rules and create a 209 day stretch of time that I went without seeing my daughter. No CAD calls, no police reports, no medical records, no guardian at litem, no mental health assessments and I had never been arrested. Yet still I was given an astronomical amount of hoops to jump through in order to re-establish time with my daughter.

By this point I’m sure you’re wondering, what does this have to do with our 2nd Amendment rights?

Well if you haven’t caught on yet, it seems that courts don’t like our constitution. That’s because our founders were so genius in their writings they limited the amount of power the narcissistic elite had and have. You know, the silver spoon babies that went to the prestigious school, made large campaign contributions to the ones who would decide who the next is going to be. Most importantly their the ones who don’t know anything about what it means to earn a dollar in the real world.

What they figured out is if they hide in the court of equity the Constitution and the right to due process no longer applies to them. In their mind at least. They love the phrase the “preponderance of evidence”. They love to make everything a civil matter.

They now have passed a law where the opinions of individuals determine whether or not we have the right to our 2nd Amendment. Statements like “many people were afraid”, or “individuals felt threatened” are now considered justifiable means for the police to essentially get an ex parte order and warrant for gun confiscation. No due process and they come and take your guns.

What baffles me the most is the fact that we’ve allowed this to happen on a state level. You see it was constantly the federal government that most were afraid of. Maybe we got comfortable, maybe we forgot that state government knows that the Supreme Court only accepts 10% of appellate cases.

If you don’t have thousands and thousands of dollars stashed away in order for you to fight for your rights in the highest courts, you better get your ass in gear and start getting involved in your local legislation. Things have officially turned very dangerous my friends.

I don’t need to go down the long list of events that have occurred in the last hundred years every time gun confiscation starts happening. If I was going to summarize it and put it in a simple fashion, I would just tell you this statistic; 85% of Jews never thought the Holocaust could ever happen.

I could take you down my rabbit hole of conspiracy theories. I could tell you about the high incident project, the connections to the tragedies in Las Vegas, or the fact that stock to the largest metal detector company has risen to new heights. But I’m not going to.

What I’m going to tell you is it’s happening right now. Everyone pictures gun confiscation as this huge Civil War. Thoughts of you and your neighbor standing side-by-side fighting against tyranny. That’s not how it is and that’s not how it’s happening. Quiet civil orders will be unfolding in the masses and one by one individuals will have their guns taken. They will hold their guns for up to a year with potential renewal opportunities for those seized weapons to be kept.

If we don’t educate the people around us on what’s happening right now through matters other than social media, we could lose our right to protect ourselves and our families.

To be continued…

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