KRUE – MPM Speech – 2017


Why is not the issue. What can happen, what is, what has, what does, and what will is the factor. A man should not be judged by the color of ink on a page followed by glorified and creative lies but rather the content of his character. That content can not be seen nor heard when the time-frame to do so is imbalanced and impractical. Priority of getting the job done can not supersede getting the job done right. If children can ride a bike with no handlebars and scientists can split the Adam of molecule then judicial leadership can judge with diligence. If children show resilience then we have failed as a society entirely. Resilience is nothing more then adaptation. Adaptation is nothing more then a natural occurrence that has been altered to an unnatural environment. Just as flowers need the sun and the chill of darkness, children need a mother and father. For waves will not move with out the pull of the moons gravity and the plants will not grow without the warmth of the Suns light. When these two essentials cross each other you witness an eclipse, you feel the chill of night without the full light of day. There is an absence of the peacefulness of dark. If we regard childrens future as a plant and continue to create an eclipse that precious plant known as their future will die. With no darkness a plant can not rest, with no light a plant can not grow. We must embrace both elements in order to find balance and even the scales of justice. The humility we face by the consequences of our own actions must be embraced. We must not hide nor deny our reality. Transparency of both just and unjust outcomes will become our hieroglyphics. If your reality is one of suffering and you remain a citizen of moral value then the judgment will not be judgement of you but rather of the oak, the stain and craftsmanship of the gavel that binded you. The concrete that bonds the walls of these buildings will not be cracked by the voices of the knowledgeable few. It will only be crumbled the roar of the educated many. The accountability of those who be the change they wish to see. Some might say Newton was speaking to us when quoting his third law; For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, but Einstein was speaking to everyone when he said; to be educated is to find the path to freedom. If you yell towards deaf ears you lose your voice. You lose your ability to communicate. If there’s one thing you take from this performance, my music, my art and my work please let it be this; Our time is now, our moment is here, society as a whole depends on the example we set, the statements we make and the change we seek. Educate the people around you. That will change the law. Remember; Stay positive, stay healthy and stay happy. Forgive but do not forget, remember your character and credibility will not be measured by preponderance. Your presence will be remembered by your example. Let’s get it done. – KRUE 2017

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