1. Broken and beat down
    But standing up
    Holding my ground
    My child needs
    Her daddy too
    But she can’t see
    What I’m going through…
    It kills me inside
    To know each day
    That something’s wrong
    Daddy went away…😢

    I am an alienated father…I haven’t been allowed to spend any time with my daughter since October of 2016 because her mother lied to hide more lies. I’m broken…

  2. I Pray for You Both, I haven’t had any contact w My Son Brennan in 2&1/2 yrs…CPS took Him and put Him 6 hrs away in group home..They took my Rights on My B-day 2014. Worst day including The day they stole Him….July 5th 2013!! Brennan is 10 yrs old now…I’ve missed 4 B-day s Four Christmases, Every Second. So I Empathize w Any Parents Loss!

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